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Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Is my appliance worth repairing?

Older appliances are generally better-made than new ones and are most likely worth repairing. Depending on the appliance brand, model and repair problem, our technician can offer advice about the pros vs. cons of doing the repair, but often it’s necessary for him to come out to your home and physically see the appliance to provide a full diagnosis and recommendation.

  1. How much will it cost?

The cost of the repair depends on the appliance brand, model and problem that you’re experiencing, but generally our Service Charge for coming to your home is $55.00.
Our Labor charge is $60.00 per hour of labor, and the cost of replacement parts used is added to the total cost of the repair.

  1. Should I buy a new appliance? Which one is best?

There are so many new appliance “brands” available today, that making this decision can be confusing at best!  Give us a call first before you decide - we will give you expert advice about which brand is best suited to your needs and which one will give you the best performance for your money. 

However, it’s important to note that older appliances, well-maintained, will often outlast any of the newer appliances manufactured today!

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